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 About the Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association


The Almaden Winery Neighborhood Association (AWNA) is:

  • 368 homes that make up Vintage (151), Tresor (160) and Vineland (57).

  • An organization to help make our community a better place to live.

  • Run completely by volunteers. No one receives any monetary compensation for the time, talent or energy contributed to the community.

  • You may become a member by virtue of living in our neighborhood. You are an active member if you attend meetings or volunteer.

  • Financed entirely by volunteer donations.

The AWNA is NOT:

  • A Homeowners’ Association

  • Tresor Homeowner Association and fess collected by them do not go to fund projects sponsored by the AWNA. Vintage and Vineland do not have Homeowner's Associations.

  • Supported by mandated monthly dues or membership fees.

  • A federal non-profit organization.

AWNA Board:

Joe Cassetta, President

Mike Triska, Vintage Rep.

Nick Labosky, Tresor Rep.

Thomas Andersen, Vineland Rep.


Directors at Large:

Allison Reddington



Nick Labosky


Community & Government Outreach:

Nick Labosky


Park Committee:



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